7 Things I Learned About Patriotism From 9/11

What does Patriotism mean to you? This goes for any person, in any part of the world. I personally am from the U.S. and today marks another anniversary of what most people would call a tragic day in America. I was not in New York at the time of these events, however I felt something that I had never felt before that others around the world may have also felt.

I remember being in middle school when this event shocked people all over the world. Pre-teens like myself were in class, gym, lunch…and then this was the news. I didn’t know what to feel or think much then, but as the years have passed I definitely have come more attuned with my patriotism and what it truly means to feel and show it.
Here are a few things that I feel represent my patriotism not only today, but every day.
  1. I take the time to seek answers to questions or concerns I may have about my country and any affairs that I feel particularly can affect my life here.
  2. I do not take sides, I know where I stand and that is the only “side” that matters.
  3. I recognize others differences and embrace them, just as I embrace my own beliefs and opinions, I understand that every human being has that same right.
  4. When my country’s anthem comes on, I respectfully pay attention and pay my respects for every person and event that has built this country to where I can peacefully lay my head every night.
  5. I work here, I live here, and I enjoy the sweetest memories with my family and loved ones here— What more could I ask for?
  6. I contribute to my local community in various ways, understanding that if I want my country to give to me, I give to it.
  7. I am always open to knowledge and know that my true patriotism can change and move with the times.

In your own words, please comment and tell us what patriotism for your country is to you.

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