The Insiders Gift Guide to Grandparents Day

We love grandma and grandpa at Karmakiss! In honor of Grandparents Day on 9/13, we have prepared a gift shopping list just for you, of 13 grandparent gifty items!

Our Wise ol’ Timer Granny and Gramps are the perfect option for grandparents to time a cup of tea or anticipate their next grandchild visit! Designed to look like the wise old version of grandparents, these timers have a whimsical, fun look that would look adorable in grandma’s kitchen.
                                                                         ATP624-KK WISE OL' TIMER GRANNYATP625-KK WISE OL' TIMER GRAMPS
Steeping a good cup of tea is just more fun with the Tea Infuser Mister Tea that features a relaxing mister waiting for his tea to be ready.
Tea Infuser MISTER TEA
Tea cups won’t damage antique furniture when you gift grandparents any of our fun trio of retro coasters: Cork Coasters Set Icons Antique Car, Retro Signs Coastersor the fun Instant Coasters Coasters For Your (grandchild) Photos Set of 4.
                                                        Cork Coasters Set Icons Antique Car   
Is grandpa confused with today’s smart phones? Remind him of the past with our Retro Calculator Watch in a new version that still works just as good they did 40 years ago.
If he loves old cars, check out our Vintage Icons Watch – Antique Car to keep his favorite hobby on this wrist.
Vintage Icons Watch - Antique Car
If grandma hates technology, get her the Classic Retro Princess Telephone. She can push the grandkid’s phone number buttons to her heart’s content on a trendy version of the old classic now available in turquoise or lilac.
Hip grandparents don’t like wearing their reading glasses around their necks on a chain or balanced on their nose. Our Rainbow Eyebods Eyeglass Stand is the perfect option to hold their glasses with added style and function.
 Rainbow Eyebods Eyeglass Stand
Sending pictures of the grandkids to grandma and want to include a fun frame? Our Magnetic Mobile Picture Holder – Bright Blue or Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Picture Framecan frame up the precious grandkids in a way that grandma’s friends will admire.
Remind the grands about their winter escape to warmer weather with our Cactus Tea Light Garden – Set of 16 Candles. If they are lighting these tea lights when it is snowy outside, maybe they will stay near the grandkids a little longer before heading to snowbird territory.
                                                                                                          ATL120-KK Cactus Tea Light Garden - Set of 16 Candles
Traveling grandparents need great travel essentials. Introduce them to our retro options like the Catseye Zip Purse Blue Car Girl and Wild & Wolf Ted Baker Cables & Clobber Toiletry Bag Cyclists. Both options hold their toiletries with functional details but also express their retro sense of style with photographs from another era.
                                                                                   Catseye Zip Purse Blue Car Girl
If grandma likes to bake cookies with the kids and grandkids, she will love the Retro Cookie Cutter Bake The Perfect Kids Set of 2even if her own kids weren’t perfect. Of course, that is why you had grandchildren for her in the first place. 😄
Retro Cookie Cutter Bake The Perfect Kids Set Of 2
Whatever you buy for the grandparents on 9/13, remember to include a sweet grandkid note with the package to remind the grandparents how much they are loved. Without grandparents, you and I wouldn’t be able to celebrate Grandparents Day in the future! Karmakiss sends all of our love to grammy and gramps, nana and pop-pops, ma and pa!

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