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A Gift Guide for Karma Kiss

It’s that time of year again and this year’s season of gift giving (and receiving) promises to be special with a wealth of great items to choose from at Karma Kiss.  In fact, one will be hard pressed to decide on exactly what to purchase. With so many unique and exciting items being offered, there probably won’t be a single person on your gift list who won’t be wearing a smile of appreciation.

One thing is for certain; this guide will only heighten your need to allow Karma Kiss to fulfill your holiday gift needs.  With plenty of not only cool, but very purposeful items in stock – well, you simply can’t go wrong with your holiday selections.

The Guardian Hold All Owl Holder

Take for example the Guardian Hold All Owl Holder.  This terrific table accessory is perfect for any desk or workspace that needs a bit of organization.  Designed in the shape of a watchful and wise owl, this Holder will keep all your pens, pencils and other knickknacks in order.

Of course, the excellent craftsmanship that is evident with the graceful detail of the owl design itself provides an enhancing element to both desk/table top and room settings.  Practical, useful, and decorative – what more could a person ask for?

Design Your Own Lamp

Well, that’s a rhetorical question if there ever was one.  Mainly, because Karma Kiss has so much to offer!  And since we are talking about useful and practical items, we would be amiss if we didn’t mention the Design Your Own Lamp item.

If you are like most people, you have probably encountered difficulty from time to time trying to find a lamp that best fits a particular room – especially the kid’s room.

Well look no further than a lamp that features a touch of your own decorative flare and style.  The Design Your Own Lamp allows you to insert your own photo, pictures, drawings and the like in between its double lampshade.  The result is an illuminating display of personal and ornamental style.  Your design becomes a part of your home’s décor. This is an item that everyone will love and appreciate.

Sweet Tooth Cookie Jar

Naturally, with rooms well lit, you will need somewhere to put all of the candy and snacks that you collected during Halloween and in anticipation of Christmas, that was hiding unnoticed in a dark corner.

The perfect solution for this is with the Sweet Tooth Cookie Jar.  This ceramic jar is fun because it’s designed in the shape of giant tooth (a molar to be exact).  We all know what it’s like to have a sweet tooth and this item surely exemplifies its purpose.

But don’t think that your Sweet Tooth Cookie Jar is limited to cookies.  You can store all kinds of snacks and candy with this handy and attractive accessory.  Or for that matter, you can store any similarly small non-food items in it as well.

However you decide to use the Sweet Tooth Cookie Jar, you certainly won’t be disappointed with it and it adds a bit fun and decorative element to your kitchen counter or table.

Cherry Blossom Lights LED Tree

Of course, desk/counter accessories – however fun and decorative they might be – may not be exactly what you are looking for.  No, perhaps you are looking for something for your home, but something truly unique.

Something that is not likely to be seen elsewhere; until everyone see’s yours.  No problem. Take a look at the Cherry Blossom Lights LED Tree.

This item is simply amazing and breathtaking to behold.  It is essentially a…well, a tree of lights.  Standing almost 64” high, this is a decorative accessory that not only cannot be missed; you don’t want it to be.  Light up your rooms with a warm glow of illumination.  Featuring 120 LED lights spread throughout the Tree’s branches, this is one tree of lights that is not confined to the holiday season.

Tree Branch Wall Hanger

Not to be outdone, Karma Kiss has something to offer those of you who are interested in a nature motif without any illuminating properties.

Further proving that Karma Kiss has something for everyone, The Tree Branch Wall Hanger is a terrific option for nature lovers. Constructed from sturdy powder coated steel, this Hanger is designed to resemble a spanning tree branch.

With multiple hanging points, the Tree Branch Wall Hanger is easily able to accommodate coats, jackets and other items that need to be stored out of the way.  An additional plus with this item is that it distinctly adds an outdoors feel and look to any setting.  This item is easily appreciated.

Lucky Penny Coin Purse

There are also plenty of personal gift items available at Karma Kiss.  As a matter of fact, your luck is running high with the Lucky Penny Coin Purse.

This attractive and ingeniously designed carry-all resembles the venerable good luck Lincoln penny.  Small is size at about 3.5” in diameter, this carrying accessory is perfect for small items likes keys or your smart phone.

The zippered pouch opens to a spacious compartment that is readily available for quick storage.  You can clip this pouch to your belt, carry it in your hand or even store it in an additional carrying accessory.  Whatever your choice of use, your handy Lucky Penny Coin Purse is sure to bring you an abundance of convenient fortune.

Colorwheel Twelve Watch

Or how about the Karma Kiss Colorwheel Twelve Watch – White?  There are few personal accessories that can enhance a fashion ensemble better than a wrist watch.  It’s not uncommon for many folks to wear watches simply to make a fashion statement.  This can certainly be done with the Colorwheel.

This timepiece features a multi-colored face, each color representing a number segment.  While there are no actual numbers, the colors tell the tale.  Accented well with a white arm band, the Colorwheel Twelve Watch goes well with any outfit and surely enhances your personal style.

Greeting Card, Necklace, & Charm Set

Honestly, when you talk about style, jewelry offers one of the best ways to not only enhance fashion but to earn a great deal of heartfelt appreciation.  This is certainly true with items like “The Queen Within” Greeting Card, Necklace & Charm.

  If you have a special someone that you want to not only show your love for, but also the heartfelt appreciation we mentioned earlier, then this is the gift package you want.

Featuring a 14k gold plated charm designed in the shape of a crown, you are certain to make your special lady feel like royalty.  With an inspiring card that that celebrates her beauty – within and without – you are destined to be honored as a true king fit for the queen who receives this gift.

Tagua Terra Adjustable Necklace

For a bit of variety in the realm of jewelry, Karma Kiss also offers the Tagua Terra Adjustable Necklace – Coral.  This fashionable piece is has an artistic flare that makes it an incredibly attractive gift option.

  The colorful red and brown tones of necklace add a nice fashionable flare.  While the carved pieces that make up the necklace resemble ivory, they are actually made out of Tagua Nut, a plant that grows in South America.

Wearers of the Tagua Terra necklace can therefore be assured that no elephants perished in the making of this jewelry.  If you want to make a fashion statement (and a readily affordable one at that), then there is no better option than the Tagua Terra Adjustable Necklace – Coral.

Gather It All with the Hold All Mini Shipping Cart

Whew, that’s just a very small sampling of what is available at Karma Kiss.  Once you get started, you will be hard pressed not to stock up on all of the wonderful selections that are being offered.  Honestly, you might need to look into picking up the Hold All Mini Shopping Cart to help organize where to put some of these things.

This is the perfect item for storing/organizing all your smaller Karma Kiss items that might be lying around.  This mini shopping cart is an exact replica of what you would find at the shopping mall or grocery store (down to functional little wheels).  Durably constructed and available in blue, red or silver; you won’t have any trouble with any checkout lines sporting this cart.

Karma Kiss: Your Place for Unique and Fun Holiday Gifts

Karma Kiss is the exact place you need to be to find your holiday gift selection.  If our small guide is any indication – and it is – than you realize that the great selections available are ones that easily meet the need of any occasion.  Take a moment to browse through the great gift options and get a head start on the holiday shopping season.

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