KarmaKiss 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday gift giving season is almost here and I for one am always looking at exciting new gifts that I would like to give or receive. To me, a gift is something that should reflect your relationship with the other person.

It should show that you have an understanding of who they are, what they like and express your sentiments as well. With that said, here are some of the gifts I would love to give or receive.


Gifts I’d Love to Receive

Remake It! Magazine Envelopes – Being a crafter, I love anything that lets me use my creativity. This kit not only does that but lets me recycle old newspapers, magazines, paper bags and even wrapping paper, turning them into imaginative cards and envelopes.

Thirsty Cork Floor Mat – With five people showering every morning in my house, the bathroom floor can seem like a war zone. Fighting to keep your balance on the wet floor can be tricky. A bath mat like this could be a real life saver with my brood.

Garden Gnome Salt & Pepper Shaker Set – Lest you think I am all about the practical, let me point out these whimsical and imaginative dudes. Garden gnomes are among my favorite collectibles and now I have a way to bring them indoors. And who couldn’t use another set of salt and pepper shakers.

Daisy Table – This resin table is the ideal piece for my backyard garden sitting area. The delicate daisy will blend in with the flowers in my yard while giving me a place to put my book and iced tea. I would be delighted with this table as holiday gift.

Tree Branch Wall Hanger – The Tree Branch Wall Hanger appeals to my outdoorsy sense of style. The steel construction means it’s strong enough to hold my family’s coats and jackets while the stylish design means it will blend with my sense of décor.


Gifts I’d Love to Give

Mini Bamboo Brainteaser Puzzles – These interlocking bamboo puzzles will keep the idlest hands and minds occupied for hours. I think these would be perfect for someone who works at a desk all day and needs a short diversion or for children who need to sit quietly like on a car ride or in a doctor’s office. There are so many people on my list who would appreciate this puzzling gift.

Pink Lotus Flower Candle – Everyone loves candles and everyone loves flowers. This delightful lotus blossom creates the perfect ambiance with its soft glow and naturally fits in any room. I plan to buy several on hand and use them as last minute gifts, too.

Aquarium Wonderball – These high-bouncing balls will inspire the imagination of any child with their vivid aquatic scenes and engaging play activity. The price is hard to beat and these will be on my list stocking stuffers this holiday season.

Hand Made Knitted Headphones Hat in Black and White – A cozy gift of warmth for the music or audio book lover. Now they won’t have to trade warmth for function when listening to music or books with headphones. The stylish white and black design goes with any color outfit and makes walking or jogging while listening more pleasant than ever before.

Owl Ceramic Cookie Jar – It is a wise person who knows where to store cookies to keep them fresh and this owl cookie jar is a hoot! Polished white ceramic means you don’t have to worry about color schemes as your gift will be suited to any kitchen.

Thanks to Petr Kratochvil for sharing Seamless Christmas Background.

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