A Guide To Perfect Tea Brewing: Making The Best Of Your Tea

If you’re a tea-lover, this post is created especially for you!

Tea is good. Tea is wonderful. Tea is a cup full of joy and peace and harmony, simmering in a warm broth of nature’s own concoction of flavor. Tea is also something we’d love to take when we’re feeling a lot of emotions. Stress, sadness, loneliness, silence, meditation, joy; it’s a bunch of different feelings found inside a cup. We take tea when we want to boost out creativity. We take tea when we want to calm down. There are many reasons how one brew can actually help us focus on our feelings and help us gain a new direction when it comes to perspective. I can only agree with this poster:


A royal drink taken by the kings and queens, emperors and empresses, dukes and duchesses, taking a sip out of your favorite tea leaves makes you feel majestic from the inside out. From the East to the West, different teas are created to match one’s lifestyle and status. There are luxurious brews made for the high-ranking people. And then there are teas made for the common man. However, did you know that there are actually different methods in tea brewing in order to achieve that perfect cup? Each tea flavor demands different handling. If you have brewed a tea longer than what you should, you might not be able to enjoy the real flavor it’s supposed to give.

To help you with your tea brewing, we’ve researched on something that will help you brew the right amount of flavor and nutrients out of your preferred veriety. This infographic we have found on Pinterestwill show you how:


Now that you discovered a lot about tea, perhaps it’s time for you to brew your own. Wondering how to start? Karma Kiss has a lot of unique tea infusersto help you make your favorite flavor.

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