5 Tips In Embracing The Autumn Season In Your Home

It’s almost here: the wonderful, glorious fall. Days are starting to run shorter. Nights are longer, colder as you gaze at your favorite constellation shining brightly on your hemisphere. The air is turning crisp, no longer hot and humid like the summer days. The leaves start to brown and ultimate, fall, making a picturesque mound on the earth, signifying that a new season has arrived.

We love Fall for many reasons. There’s just so much beauty in this season that gives us a lot of cheer and gratitude as the year slowly ends. Now before the leaves turn gold and the air starts to chill, I believe it’s the right time to set up our own home’s autumn decoration. If you’re still confused at how to start, well, this post will show you how.

Take lovely morning walks with your family

It could be in a park. It could be just the street outside your home. Take time and adore the falling leaves from the trees, with the ground swirling with reds, oranges and yellow pieces, scattered by the wind. Allow your children to enjoy in a playground, letting these leaves fly like a confetti. Teach them autumnal stories. Or let them know your childhood fall experiences. It’s a lovely time to bond, especially when many family events are coming in a month!


Cook up a healthy feast

Maximize your bonding moments by cooking up your favorite fall recipes. Whip up a carrot cake or pumpkin pie. Or make savory bean casseroles like this one below (hint: recipe in the source link!). Your family will love seating together, discussing a handful of wishes and bucket lists to do this coming holiday. It’s your chance to fill their stomachs with something flavorful and healthy while they are busy with the discourse.


Decorate your home with autumn accents

The best way to embrace the coming of the new season is to allow your home to enjoy it at its best. Change sheets and curtains. Add autumn-inspired garlands by the door. Bring out last year’s decorations and improve them. Or purchase new accessories to design your home with. Let fall arrive indoors and make it stay, to the delight of your family. Your kids will look forward to Halloween and Thanksgiving as you set up the decorations early on!


Pull Out The Jumpers

In a little while, the cold, wintery wind will arrive, and you must be ready to ward off the chills. Now is the time to bring back your winter wardrobe as you put away the summer season’s trends. Slowly, light apparel pieces are replaced by heavier, cozier knits and leggings. Gladiator sandals and flats are now replaced by boots. Fall indicates a new season for fashion, and you’ve got to be right on track too!


Make it linger

The smell of the burning wood, falling leaves and flowers: you can make it last by concocting this smart home perfume from Free People.Just mix these ingredients according to parts you prefer and presto, an autumnal scent that puts everyone in a happy, cheerful mood!


We hope you enjoy this autumn-inspired post. Better get your fall home update ready! Let’s celebrate the coming of a new season together. And please, stay tuned for more tips like these here on the Karma Kiss blog!

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