Weekend Wonders: This Week’s Roundup Of Fun News

Enter the newest section of our Karma Kiss Blog: the Weekend Wonders, where we list some of the most amazing videos and finds we’ve gathered all over the internet. We all love some fun and inspiration, and we’re sharing a handful through this post. Ready now, Buzzfeed (and similar sites) lovers? Let’s get on with the list.

The Pianist And The Fox

Everybody has been talking about the 59-year old pianist doing his street music on a, what else? A piano, of course. But this is no ordinary keyboard. It’s a fox. It comes complete with eyes, ears and the red painted fur.

Both the pianist and the piano are amazing! Watch the impromptu performance below:

Walt Before Mickey

An upcoming movie pays tribute to the man behind Mickey Mouse and the Princesses many girls learned to love and imitate. Walt Disney’s life as an animator-wannabe takes the spotlight in this exclusive trailer.

Get To Know Your Solar System

This 12-minute (gulp!) animation may be longer than your usual videos, but if you’re killing time and you’ve got lots to spare, you might want to try watching it. It’s divided into 12 parts, allowing you to get to know worlds near ours and what’s, probably, lurking in those dimensions. Quirky, vibrant and totally endearing. In a comical, cosmical way!

Loved our bunch? We’ll be looking for more! If there’s anything you’d want to suggest, drop us a line in our comment box.
More of this coming your way! See you next time on our next Weekend Wonders!

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