Brand Spotlight: Alexandra Ferguson

Joining our league of wonderfully curated brands is Alexandra Ferguson, a name associated with amazing accent pillows. This proudly Made In The USA company is spearheaded by a woman who has a deep conviction for saving the earth with beautiful home accessories that are mean to brighten up your day. Alexandra Ferguson Pillows are made in recycled materials, using felt and polyfill inserts. Covers are made from fabrics that can easily be spot cleaned, for the fussy, neat-freaks who wants their items to be sparkling clean. During the years, Alexandra Ferguson Pillows have gained attention from many home magazines, including Detroit Home and Conde Nast Traveler.

Why We Love Alexandra Ferguson Products

The answer is simple. We love anything that makes a home more homey. And what’s more, is that these pillows do the talking whenever we can’t! Filled with fun, inspirational messages to up your confidence, these home accents are a great reminder that you should live life to the fullest.

We also love the fact that they think about the environment, making use of recycled materials that makes these pillows more special.

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