Awesome Accessories that will Impress Anyone!

There's that moment when you're getting dressed when you know you need that--well, something. You can't always put your finger on exactly what it is you're looking for, but you know your outfit is missing an extra kick.

Look no further--with these fabulous accessories, you'll have something unique and interesting to throw on every day of the week (maybe even twice on Sundays!).

Fabulous Accessories from Karma Kiss

If you enjoy standing out with a unique outfit and clever accessories, you know how fun it is to pick and choose your options. Finding the perfect one is all about knowing your personal style. If you aren't sure what that is, here's some more ideas:

Break it Up

Not your relationships: your outfits! Whether you use a Winky Plastic Recyclable Belt, a gladiator-inspired link belt, or a chic scarf, adding a bit of color to your favorite set can make it stand out.

A personal favorite: a monochromatic top & crop pant combo or an a-line dress broken up with a chunky, colorful belt. Looks classic but fun every time!

Tyvek Ladies Clutch Paperwallet YellowNot Quite So Big, Please

Getting tired of hoisting what amounts to a small suitcase everywhere you go? Maybe it's time to downsize. You can have something smaller and more manageable that still gets noticed.

The Tyvek Ladies Clutch Paperwallet holds everything you actually need in a small, thin space that's super cute and sure to get a compliment every time you bring it out. And no more shoulder strain.

Where Were These When I Was a Kid?

HICIKES lacesNo, really--the HICKIES Elastic Lacing System is extra cool. Whether you get some for yourself (because running shoes never looked so good) or some for your kids, they're just plain fun. 

Next time you're going for a walk, running to the gym, or just going to pick the kids up in your favorite sneakers, show off a little bit of color and fun in an easy, retro-but-not-really way.

One Sec, Let Me Take a Look

Worried there might be food in your teeth? A spot on your face? A tentacle growing out of your forehead? Okay, one of these is a little unlikely, but it never hurts to be aware, right?

The Pocket Mirror with Pouch is ready--thin, lightweight, and in its own protective case, keep it nearby for when you're just not quite sure there's not a smidge of chocolate on the corner of your mouth (don't worry, we won't tell)

One of These Will Open It...

Funky Key CapsYour keychain is probably looking a little full these days. House keys, work keys, car keys--heck, what was that other one even for anymore? Keep track the easy way and add some character to your keychain without weighing it down with Funky Key Caps

Just use a different style for each key and you'll always know exactly which one to go for. Plus, c'mon, it just looks cool. Hard to go wrong there.

Adding a little character to your wardrobe doesn't have to mean wearing something ridiculous--it's the little things that matter: the touch of color here, the neat little feature there. And there's always something that will suit your style!


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