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5 Spring Fashion Trends to Try Yourself

  • 2 min read

5 Spring Fashion Trends to Try Yourself

Spring is officially here, even if the weather says otherwise (seriously, what's going on out there, anyway?), and with it comes a new set of fashion trends setting the scene for the coming months. 

Looking to shake off the last of the winter blues with a new look? It's easier than you think--if you know what's getting attention, then you can put your own spin on these favorite trends!

Trend #1: Stripes

We're not talking your mom's stripes here--we're looking way beyond that. The biggest striping trends so far this season are all about bright, bold colors. And size doesn't matter this time: big, wide stripes or small, business-inspired pinstripes will both serve their purpose well.

To try: striped dresses in bold rainbow colors; business or business-casual shirts and pantsuits with extra-chic colored stripes.

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Trend #2: Khaki

Khaki HatIf you've got your eye on striped shirt and looking for something to pair with it, you might not have to go further than this: khaki is hitting it big this season. The utilitarian-inspired look of khakis with oversized cargo pockets and drawstrings is making a huge splash.

Not to be outdone, khaki is finding a new life in dresses, blouses, and even boots!

As trends go, this one's great because you can find an option to fit almost any body type and hey, cargo pockets are useful.

To try: loose, khaki cargo-inspired pants with a tighter-fitting top; khaki dress with brightly colored heels or sandals.

Trend #3: Super (Duper) Sized Bags

Alchemy Goods Pike Messenger BagFor real, though; take the big bag you thought you had and add the size of another entire bag to it, and then you're in the ballpark. Okay, truthfully, a bag that big might not be fully functional, but bigger bags are in right now, so if you've been looking for a reason to carry around your favorite big bag, or just a big bag to carry all that stuff you always end up with, now is the perfect time.

To try: large messenger-style bags, oversized totes, mix-and-match with colors and textures.

Trend #4: Statement Tees

Statement BagThese have been around forever, but they're making an appearance on the runways this year. Bold statement tees can be paired with any number of things, but a favorite trend seems to be softer sets, like billowing skirts or lacy sandals.

Whatever you want to say, wear it on your t-shirt and pair it with something soft to balance out the look. 

To try: a minimalist, bold statement text tee with a short, ruffled skirt or longer, lace-inspired skirts.

Trend #5: Romance With an Edge

It might have something to do with a little bit of an 80's resurgence, but overly romantic pieces paired with harder-hitting accessories are another runway trend. For instance, pairing lacy, white delicate pieces with boots, oversized leather bags, or caps and strong, boxy jackets are all ways you might see this play out.

To try: a long lacy dress with combat boots; a short, delicate white dress with a baseball cap.

You're a rock star!

Don't be afraid of fashion trends, just remember that rather than taking them straight from the runway, it's always better to adapt them to fit your own personal style so you look and feel amazing.