Find an Awesome Gift for Under $10!

What do you do when you want to find a cute gift but don't want to spend a lot of money on it? You find amazing gifts at the best prices, like these great grabs:

10 for Under $10

Sometimes you just need a little something to tell someone you appreciate them or that they've done a good job. Maybe you need a few things to add to your favorite kiddo's Easter basket or prizes to give away at your next party--what you need is something awesome that won't break the bank, and that's why we're featuring 10 for Under $10.

something good box signAn artsy Box Sign with lovely paintings and sayings for any occasion might be the perfect token of appreciation to that friend who won't let you forget they've got your back, while some Stylus & Pen Streamliner Classics will be just the right addition to that helpful coworker's desk.

Wild Safari Hippo Mini Stapler is great for a kid in school or a fun-loving associate, while the way too-cute-to-handle Whale Sound LED Key Light and challenging-but-fun 3D Wooden Mini Puzzles are perfect for pretty much anyone (even you!).

Slip the Lucky Ladybug Sharpeners or the Penguin a Day Mini Eraser Set into your child's backpack for a fun surprise, or share a drink with a friend in a colorful Pop Water Bottle.

Know someone who likes fun things for their home? The Bowling Ball & Pin Salt & Pepper Shaker will give them a good chuckle, or give them a hand in keeping up with their keys with the Home Sweet Home Key Keepers.

For any person, any time, and any preference, you can find an affordable gift that will bring them a smile without making you frown even a little. No buyer's remorse here, just happy faces all the way around!


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