Animal Invasion: Eco Snoopers Plush Backpack

A group of strange creatures just invaded Karma Kiss, and they’re wild, willful and wonderfully soft. Each of them are endowed with individual characteristics, colors and patches, making them an adorable companion for your little one. Wearing a bag has never been so much fun until the Eco Snoopers came around, a league of plush companions that doubles as a backpack and inspire users to think about the environment. How about that for a gift?

Each Eco Snooper comes with a detachable, hug-able friend to be carried around for your kid’s comfort. Getting restless during a long travel? Give him this playmate and he’ll never feel lonely. The plush bag has adjustable straps and zippered compartments for those secret spaces. Also, the interiors are easy to clean; just wipe the mess and you’re good to go.

Every animal has a story, and so is this one. Discover the different tales behind the characters and pick your favorite one among our many designs!

See the designs below:

Why Purchase An Eco Snooper Plush Backpack?

  • Environmentally friendly inks, paper and fabrics.
  • Soft fabric backpack includes a removable plush toy.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Educational. Each Eco Snooper character has its own story of fun, friendship, and environmental responsibility.
  • Size: 12” Tall

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