Home Decor Collection: A Woodland Wonderland

Walk away from the stress-filled city and step into a woodland wonderland, right in your very own home. Inspired from the magical logs borne out of fairy tales, the Woodland Tree Table & Stump Stools Set gives you a feeling that you have entered a wonderland. Sitting on the miniature log stools makes you feel as if an elf is about to pop out any minute, or a fairy will appear from one of the flowers in your garden. Unicorns and other mystical, magical creatures will start parading in your imagination, sweeping the tensions and anxiety of the real world away.

It’s a nice thing to have an inspired corner for a getaway, and a minute of relaxation will do you good. This Woodland set is made from stone resin and will last different seasons (for winter, you’d want to put it inside to retain its quality). Place it on your patio or in your garden and create a landscape of flora in your very own backyard.

While you’re at it, you can add a few more interesting characters in your setting. The Sitting Garden Gnome Tea Light Candle – Set Of 6 will light up your dark nights with its fancy elven design. The Cuckoo Clock Magnet – Gnome will complete a feeling of steam punk, vintage nostalgia into your home. We’ve also got a Porcelain Gnome Ambient Lamp to guide your guests on their way to your magical corner!

Let your garden bloom with Sow & Grow: Magical Fairy Flowers, a collection of different seeds containing different packets of floral seeds. This box includes: 1 packet of sweet pea seeds,1 packet of poppy seeds,1 packet of fairy mix flower seeds and3 coconut husk starter pots plus all the things you’ll need to design your garden.

With these items, you can create a special, surreal corner where you can relax and let your nostalgic heart soar away from the anxieties of the grown up world. It’s a great setting to tell wonderful stories to your children, or spend quiet time alone reading a book or listening to your favorite music!

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