Back to School 2013

A few more days and your kids will be entering a whole new school season. They will step into a classroom filled with the faces they will take the journey with; some will become their closest friends and even memorable loved ones. It is a new era of learning; a great moment of cultivating both mind and manners and allow them to prepare for the world which they will, one day, conquer with what they have learned.

We at Karma Kiss knows how this new learning episode is all too much important, and in this last week of August, we’re paying a tribute to these students—from the elementary to the college, with a fine line of gifts made to be a perfect companion to their desks. Take a look at what we have in store for the kids this 2013-2014 School Year:

Busy Bee Elementary

There’s no need for your little grader to write on the wall, especially if there is a cute board like the Elephant Chalkboard ready to take his attention. The lovable design of this blackboard makes writing fun enough for your child, and you can let him/her write down reminders and assignments to constantly keep in mind that there’s something more productive to do!

The Nature Buddies Pencil Sharpeners – Set Of 5 is a nice addition to any child’s stationery set, especially if they are fond of nature. There’s no way their pencils will remain broken or unsharpened with the help of these little critters!

The Curious High School

Is your teen having a hard time remembering the names of the countries? Well, our Magnetic Cork World Atlas Message Board is just the perfect thing for him / her! It does not only help them see the countries in the seven continents, but it also functions as a cork board to pin up those reminders and decorations and make the room more lively.

Math is really a tough subject to handle, but it wouldn’t be problem with this nifty Robot Calculator. This all-accurate, funny companion is just the best weapon to solve out all those difficult mathematical solutions. Plus, its droll look gives a little fun experience in punching in those numbers.

Smart & Serious College

College students are all the more focused and serious towards their career. Most of the time, their studies include a lot of reading, which is where our Hand Bookends White come in handy. These books will always be in good hands, literally, even if their owner is not holding them. It’s a nice décor to add in an eccentric shelf too!

Here’s a nice reward for the faithful student; a quarter dollar, in much, much bigger size! The Quarter Dollar Coin Coasters – Set Of 2 will be an instant perk-upper to your studious college, reminding him the money he’ll bring home when he starts working on his own.

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