Product Spotlight: Classic Retro Princess Telephone

Does classic ring a bell? Our Classic Retro Princess Telephone definitely rings with a stylish, retro style that is made to fit the desks of all ages. The 1950’s inspired design gives back a romantic nostalgia to those who have used the phone just when it is starting out. However, the dated look does not exclude all the modern technological features of the present times.

This retro phone with a beautifully smooth curved receiver has a push-button dial, a detachable chord, and even a redial feature! There’s no need to push all those numbers back and forth.

Perfect for a lady’s desk or a parent’s table—those who loved the industrial and romantic appeal of the vintage ware infused with novel functions for today’s needs.

It comes with two colors: lilac for the little lady, and turquoise for all gender and age.

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