Product Spotlight: Personalize It – Diy IQ Test

It’s back-to-school month, and you must be excited to face all the wonderful things this new school year will bring. But it does help when you know you’re ready to take on the challenges, especially the mind boggling ones. Knowing your capability definitely increases your confidence. And what can be a better way to discover it than taking a cool IQ test?

Find out how clever you really are with our Personalize It – Diy IQ Test. This fun little package is a charming way to determine your smarts without the intimidation. Inside the box you’ll find a lovely welcome letter, an explanation, a booklet and some puzzles for your training. The IQ Test is sealed fresh; and there is a postage envelope to send it back in order to view your results.

This IQ Test is not for the little ones, however. Children 13 and above can take this and gain an accurate test result. There is a neat calculation for those who are under 18:

  • Age 13: add 25% to their score.
  • Age 14: add 20%
  • Age 15: add 15%
  • Age 16: add 10%
  • Age 17: add 5%.

There will be no need to pay to get the test marked; all you have to do is to send your answer sheet on the postage indicated and the test result will be dispatched in less than a month after the letter has been sent to the examiners.

Intrigued at your level of IQ? Find out if you’re a genius with this nifty smart exam!

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