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Pens & Personality

Did you know that your handwriting tells something about your personality? Graphology is the study of handwriting, and it analyses the lines, directions, curves and weight of your penmanship to discover who you are. But did you know that your pen speaks about you too? Well, not the ordinary pens…

The pens from Karma Kiss’ collection definitely tells something about its user. If you’re wondering how, take a look at this blog post, and you may discover a pen or two to describe you!


If you have an inclination towards repair and practical upkeep, then this set of pens is definitely for you! The Hand Tool Pens – Set Of 4 is perfect for the handyman who knows how to solve any household problem. It’s easy to spot these mechanical geniuses—as a little child, they’re imagining to repair a chair or a makeshift appliance!


Karma Kiss knows that there’s always a person who loves the attention, and giving it back! This set of pens is for the coolest one in the black, throwing hand gestures at just about anyone he meets. The Handi Pens may come in handy as a replacement when his hands are busy writing.


Your mind has been gurgling with many astonishing ideas that shock your parent and teachers. You dream of going to space in a rocket ship and discover a new planet, star, or even a galaxy! We declare that you’re that special Scientist, and you deserve some Multicolor Rocket Pens to suit your scientific ideas on the journal!


The guy that came out of the fairy tale books and into the modern world—you’re the medieval Knight armed with his sword, ready to crush the enemies. Well, we don’t advise you holding such a dangerous weapon all around, so the Mighty Sword Pens – Set Of 4 will have to do. You can pick another sword, er, pen, when the other one runs out of ink. The enemy you can conquer is your assignment, and you’ll definitely be the brave heart who can finish off his algebra!


A nature lover? We’ve got something for you too. The Garden Tool Pens – Set Of 4 makes you feel as if you’re sowing on a fertile ground—that is, your notes. Instead of seeds, you’re putting in letters, and that’s a great investment for your knowledge. We hope it blooms into a full grown tree!

Whatever hobby you have, Karma Kiss has pens perfect to match your style. See all of them here >>

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