Bags And Baubles: First Edition

Happy second week of March, everyone! By now, we’re feeling a kiss of warmth from the sun and Spring slowly dispels the cold frosted winter away. It’s a season of new life, and it’s just apt to find something fresh to mark the coming of a wonderful, vibrant season!

We’re giving you our Bags And Baubles post, a little blog about fashionable and functional items you can sport this Spring. These items are handpicked for their uniqueness; we’d love you to check these products out and see if they will suit your style and needs.

Bring on the bags!


Our bag section is always full of totes, clutches, messenger bags, hand bags, strollers and other storage stuff that are stylish and supremely eco-friendly. It’s our #1 rule to pick out products which are pleasing to both our eyes and Mother Nature, and here’s our first curation of what-might-be the perfect bag for you!

Arriving fresh from our New Stuff section is the finely made  JKC Studio Rope Handle Canvas Tote – Emotional Baggage. It’s a nice canvas bag which a cheeky design of leather and metal hardware illustrated on the fabric. And the rope detailing makes this tote a stand-out! Use this for your classy day-out or when you go shopping.

We have featured Alchemy Goods before and I can’t stop rambling about their amazing products that are both well-designed and durable. I’m throwing in the Magnolia Handbag for the free-spirited user who loves to have a unique hobo bag without the bulk. This bag has so many things to boast: it’s made from upcycled inner tubes, with the shoulder strap made from… seatbelts! Classic. You can

Going to the gym? Make a statement with out classic, polished Schlepp handbag. It’s an ideal carrier for your gym needs, but it doesn’t have to be limited to that! The poly-vinyl covered item makes a really glossy statement and can be carried as a shoulder bag or a hand bag.

When it comes to style and function, we recommend the Baggu Poppy Recycled Cotton Canvas Eco-Backpack. This product is among our bag bestsellers and customers love it for its minimalistic look, roomy storage space and stylish design. An added bonus: it’s made of recycled cotton canvas so you can make sure you’re helping the environment too!

Rounding off our list of bags is something cool for the music lovers. Our Boombox Masta Blasta Backpack (with Speaker) is just the coolest thing you can carry around. Other than its unique print, it’s got speakers you can hook-up your mp3 players with and play your music everywhere! Ride on the bike or walk with this backpack and your time will never be boring.

Now onto the Baubles!


Our beloved ladies would definitely love our multicolor Tagua Kayuna Adjustable Necklace. It’s a candid, candied design which makes any simple clothing more stylish. Featuring a materials from Tagua nut, craftsmen have created this wonderful collage of rainbow hues in circular rings as a necklace. It is a Fair Trade item which is designed uniquely so no two necklaces are alike! If you value singularity and style, this necklace is just right for you.

Because Spring is so near, it’s nice to dandy up your regular clothing into something more Spring-ish. How about adding one or two of these Happy Bug Pins to your ensemble and brighten your day? It’s a perfect gift for garden lovers, no matter what age they are in!

Let others know that you are the captain of your own ship with this Pretty Moon Necklace Silver – Anchor. This minimalist jewelry is fashionable for all genders, and is a great gift option for any occasion. The necklace is lead-free and comes with a 16″ chain. Wear this on your everyday wardrobe ensemble.

How about bringing some glow into your face? These popsicles are not supposed to be licked, but they can be applied near enough on your lips for you to taste its sweet treat. The little design is handy like a keychain so you can enjoy glossing over your puckers whenever, wherever.

If you need to tell time (and much more), you will definitely like our Vintage Icons Watch – Classic Eye Chart. It’s a Japanese quartz watch that features an eye examination chart so you could check is you can still see clearly. Of course, that’s just for pun and fun; but really. This watch is an interesting accessory you can wear with whatever combination.

Loved our list? We’d like to hear from you! Share your thoughts in this post by commenting below!

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