Beautifying Outdoors with Karma Kiss’ Home and Garden Collection

Livening up your outdoor is just as important as organizing your interiors. The outdoor space is the first area your visitor can see in your home; giving them the initial notion of who you are as a homeowner. Whether it is a garden, a patio, a poolside or a yard, you want to make to make it as pleasing as possible to make a good impression of your abode.

Here at Karma Kiss, we are proud to gather a collection of fine garden ornaments that will make your outdoor space as charming as possible. From woodland creatures, nymphs and fairies, tasteful tree decors and pretty table accessories, we’ve got you covered on your decorative needs. Take a glimpse at these five outdoor ornaments we suggest to spice up your home:

  • The Toadstool Table & Stools set is a pretty way of turning your own garden into a little fairy land. These gigantic mushrooms are created from %100 organic materials and are constructed solidly in heavy resin. Just the perfect way to enter your fictional world and imbibe in a hidden world of creativity! This set is ideal for covered patio areas or 3 seasons in the garden.

  • The Porcelain Lantern Ambient Lamp doesn’t just give you the soft glow of brightness in the dark. It also gives you the feeling of turning back in time when there was still no electricity, and the beauty of the starlit sky is brightened up by old torches and gas-made lamps. Of course, there’s no need for you to be afraid of burnt fingers; this porcelain constructed lamp gives a spark that never runs out, unless you unplug it!

  • The White Blossom Lights LED Tree is another perfect way of illuminating your garden, in a magical way. See this little tree glow in your patio or garden, with blooms from its LED light emitting a white glow. There are 120 LED lights on this 64″ high tree, ready to make a whimsical night as you and your family hang out in your garden.

  • How about a bit of green? TheCactus Tea Light Garden creates a stunning picture of tiny cactus shrubs on your table. It’s perfect for decoration: gather them together or disperse it all over your garden for an interesting feel. More than just decors, these Cacti are also candles–if you’re feeling the Southwest mood, bring it everywhere you want with these little critters.

  • The Origami Table Decor & Trinket Holder is more than just plain accessory. What we thought was made of paper is now created from porcelain! Best placed on the table, this is perfect as a conversation piece. It’s also a nice way of hiding little items into its secret hole!

With these items, you’re sure to prettify your outdoor space in a whimsical way. See more similarly unique items in the Karma Kiss store and discover how you can make your garden look its best with out gifty items! View our Home & Garden Collection here.


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