Exciting Eco-Friendly Items Under $10

Something fun, earth-friendly, and costs only $10? Yes, we’ve got your gifty green needs covered here at Karma Kiss, and it does not punch a hole in your budget. With just $10, you are sure to find something wonderful and Eco-worthy in our store. Not only are you buying something unique for a loved one, but you are also making a pleasing contribution in preserving our natural resources.

Today, we’re listing down exciting and Eco-friendly items under $10 that environment lovers can enjoy! Come and take a look at our collection:

1. The Remake It! Magazine Envelopes ($5.70)imbibe a new sense of creativity in recycling old magazines and news papers. Use this template and create handmade cards and envelopes.

2. The Grow It! Herb Garden (On Sale: Price: $9.61) is a great gift for your loved one with a green thumb. This kit provides all the items needed to produce an herb garden, where you can harvest fresh herbs at your fingertips!

3. The Eco Friendly Rainforest Frog Flashlight ($8.19)doesn’t need any disposable batteries. It is powered by the energy coming from the hand crank; wind it up, and you’re ready to jump in any dark area without the fright.

4. The Owls Pattern Coasters – Set Of 12 ($9.99) is a useful accessory in protecting your tables and desks from watermarks and dirt. With 12 pieces available in each set, you’ll have more than what you’ll need to decorate your table.

5. The Recycled Pink & Yellow Nest Egg Coin Purse ($6.19)is a handy little purse that keeps your money (or other small item) snuggled up in a safe accessory. The bright and lovely colors go well with the purse’s crinkly feel, with a design to remind you to use your resources efficiently.

What if we give you a $10 Gift Certificate of so you can buy whatever you want here at Karma Kiss? Guess what. We’re on our way to do that. Check out our ongoing May $10 GC raffle on this page and join—you might be our lucky winner for this month!

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