Brand Spotlight: Kikkerland

Let us introduce you to one of the Karma Kiss brands: Kikkerland.

The design shop has been around since 1992, and with the same inspiration as Karma Kiss, Kikkerland has culminated amazingly novel items that makes life more pleasurable. Their goal is to infuse function with design, allowing users to gain a visually stunning product that can be utilized in their daily living. The designs from Kikkerland are “ingenious items combining form, function and delight in equal parts.” We like how this design shop was able to curate witty, funny and smart designs for the enjoyment of its customers.

Our Kikkerland products are composed of intriguing items that will help you travel in style. Take a look at this collection of Controversial Passport Holders; there’s something strange about them, isn’t it? Well, these holders make your trip more exciting. Just imagine handing them to an airport security officer; who would have a curious passport for Vatican or Colombia? Make a scene and make up for it with this nifty leatherette holder from Kikkerland.

Oh, and to make sure that your luggage is within weight limit, you might want to add our Analog Travel Luggage Scale!

We’ll be adding more items from Kikkerland and other amazing brands in the future, so stay tuned at the whole lot of awesomeness that can only be found in Karma Kiss!

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