How The World Celebrates Valentine’s Day



Norwegian men send the women they like with random rhyming poems anonymously. The receiver would then guess who the card giver is and if she gets it right, she wins and Easter Egg (on Easter, that is). On Slovenia, it’s more of an agricultural prospect more than a personal one; this day is believed to be the celebrated moment of their patron saint of Spring. Workers walk barefoot on the snow to bless their fields. Expect a box of hazelnut chocolates if you’re from Italy, and if you’re in the UK, you can see children going from door to door singing carols. In Denmark, the youth give bouquets of snowdrops.


East Asia

Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the rest of the East Asian countries seem to adapt one style. On Valentine’s Day, women create home-made chocolates to be boxed and presented to their husband, boyfriend or the man they like. Every girl seem to be busy with her own cocoa concoction. To return this favor, men gift women chocolates on White Day, which falls on March 14. For those who weren’t able to give or receive these sweets, they can give something for themselves too! Singles celebrate their lack of love life in Korea by eating a noodle-based meal called Jajangmyeon.

Other Notable Celebrations

Chile celebrates the day of hearts with a feast highlighting a lot of their traditional dishes. Instead of chocolates, men exchange books with their women on Spain.


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