Product Spotlight: True Heart Necklace Charm

There are so many ways to say “I love you.” Sometimes, it’s making him coffee early in the morning before he goes to work. Sometimes, it’s pulling out an umbrella over her so she wouldn’t get drenched under the rain. You can give her a pat on the back when she fails an exam. Or give him a good hug when he wasn’t able to get that promotion both of you have longed for. Each day, people say “I love you” to one another unconsciously. But this product is pretty much a simple but straightforward way of reminding one of your feelings.

“Give it, get it.” That’s what a True Heart is for. To give love and receive love. Featuring a gold-plated pendant, this little card is enough to let anyone know how you are fond of them. The lead-and-nickle-free pendant is held by a 16-inch nylon thread.

Send your message along with this item and you’re sure to be loved back!

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