Celebrating The Joy Of Life Anew: Easter

Easter is a Spring festivity celebrated by people all over the world. As the new season brings the color of new life, everyone is anticipating this traditional Christian event with much excitement. Children are looking forward to egg hunts. Families are preparing their very own Easter baskets. Bunnies seems to hop up from their holes to become this festivity’s mascot. It’s a celebration of colors, love and laughter with so much activity for the young and old alike. Whether one is a believer or not, this day is something to be enjoyed with much fun and cheer!

If you are one of those who are preparing for a fun Easter treat, take a look at these Karma Kisstips and discover new and lovely ways to enjoy this event:

Easter Is Not Without Eggs!

We’ve all loved Chocolate Eggs and surprises hidden inside plastic shells during our Easter Egg hunt. But this year, why not try and make something different? The people from U-Create Crafts have suggested this fun little game your children will really love! Instead of piling over candies and sweets, why not fill their eggs with coupons that they can use whenever they feel like it? Something like “A trip to your favorite Park or Library” or “Skip One Chore of Your Choice” will definitely be something your family members will hunt out!


Carrots Are Cool. And Cheesy!

Replace your regular sweets with this lovely alternative suggested by Yummy Healthy Easy. The name says it all! This Easter Carrot Cheese Ball is something healthy and delicious that is fit for snacking.


Digital Delights

Got a blog? Fill your webspace with this cute sticker collection from Emma Trithart. And look! It’s free to download. You can use these stickers other than during Easter, just don’t forget to give the credits. Oh, and for today’s banner’s illustration, we give credits to Momo of Sleeping Awake.


Make Some Bunny Breads!

Someone posted these bunny bread tutorial on Pinterest, and if you’re into baking, you might want to try this hack. It’s really nifty; just use a pair of scissors to cut out the bunny’s ears and a toothpick to make beady little eyes. Perfect for the party!


What are your plans for Easter? We do wish that these tips helped you out in making your Easter Sunday more fun! A lot of seasonal tips heading your way here on Karma Kiss’s home blog, so please stay tuned!

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