Shop, Snap & Win! Ends In 4/27/14

Hello everyone! We’re opening up the week with an April Contest we call Shop, Snap and Win! And guess what, it begins TODAY!

The Mechanics

  1. Grab your Karma Kiss Item and pucker up for your best selfie with it!
  2. Post the photo in our Facebook page with a bit of a message why you love this Karma Kiss Product
  3. A $10 Gift Card is given to everyone who manages to upload it in our Facebook Page during our promotional period.

Yes, you’ve heard it right. EVERYONE! No raffle, no sole winner! Everyone who joins the contest will win a prize. How cool is that?

What is a Karma Kiss Gift Card?

Can’t decide what to buy? Too busy to make a calculated decision? Looking for last minute gifts?

Make your life easier – let them choose the gift they want with a Karma Kiss Gift Card to use online at

  • Never Expires – Karma Kiss Gift Cards are valid forever (until they are used of course). No limited time offer, no pressure to buy now…
  • Immediate Value – Karma Kiss Gift Cards are activated immediately.
  • Custom Message – You can create your own greetings.
  • Freedom to Choose – Karma Kiss Gift Cards can be applied towards ANY item on

So what are you waiting for?

03Important Rules

  • You should only post YOUR picture with YOUR Karma Kiss Profuct
  • Pictures should only be taken once per customer.
  • This contest and/or the $10 gift card cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion.

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