Pen For A Poet: Encourage A Young Writer Day

“Long before they go to school, before they even know the alphabet, children begin to write.” This is according to the children’s literacy advocate Reading Is Fundamental (RIF.Org). Whenever they manage to get their hands on a pen or a pencil, it is their instinct to somehow place it against something and just wield it like an expert. RIF reveals that these scribbles have meaning to them, despite us not knowing it! And this performance leads to many benefits, despite having our walls drawn with so many crayon circles.

Kids who are encouraged to write early will learn to use their pen more confidently as they are enrolled from school. This boosts their creativity and intelligence, and who wouldn’t want their kids to be brainy?

There are a lot of ways for us to motivate children on how to write. Reading books is one way to help them appreciate both reading and writing. Their first encounters with printed words gives them significant curiosity of one’s language. This gives them greater upper hand in communicating as they grow up.

One thing you can make writing more inviting for children is to give them supplies that can hone their interest. With that, we’re listing down pens for future poets, authors, and creative writers:

Colors are important. Hand them a set of 36 Piece Colored Pencils and let them enjoy scribbling with different shades. They can draw, write and express themselves through various shapes and letters, without running out of their favorite hue!

Pens could be pleasing. C’mon; don’t let them write in those boring old ballpens! Have them enjoy their writing sessions with creative writing materials, such as:

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Write everyday. This can be a daily routine, like writing in a journal or making an artwork. Ensure that your children enjoys words, and who knows what great texts they’ll be able to create when they grow up!

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