Weekly Deals: Excite Door Eye Sticker

We all had them: unexpected guests that we’re not really in favor of. They may be your annoying neighbor, your daughter’s suitor, a really naughty kid from the other apartment, and the list goes on. Well, every neighborhood isn’t perfect, and sometimes, people come into our homes unannounced. When that happens, we’re letting in a big headache into our door. But what if you could actually prevent that?

The thing is, you could! And you don’t have to be too obvious about it.

Here in our Weekly Deals Pageis a collection of Excite Door Eye Stickers. It’s a series of adorable vinyl printed stick-ons that you can use to hide your spy hole and make door guarding less oblivious.

Choose from our designs and cover up that camera into something pleasant to smile at. Perhaps those
canny visitors will turn nice once they see this lovely print on your door. And the best part is, if you get tired of it (which we presume will take a long, long time), you can easily peel it off and have it replaced with another of our cool designs.

Nice deal? We’ve got 54% off its original price. What can be better than THAT?

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