Product Spotlight: Headphone Bookend Set

Music and books go together, I believe. It’s such fun to read your favorite novel along with a nice soundtrack playing in the background. It helps us absorb all the thoughts and things in a widely, imaginative way. Music puts us in the mood, and gives an interesting new view of every word we read.

This is why I think Karma Kiss’ Headphone Bookend Set is just a perfect thing for the young, musical and bookish. Headphones are cool, youthful and just hip, while books are classically charming. Putting them together in one product makes it an interesting item to place in our shelves and desks.

The Headphone Bookend Set is made from stone resin, making it a hardbound material perfect to put any number of books in place. It measures 8.5”H x 10”L x 4”W. The set looks awfully nice without the books in the middle; it’s like your normal headphone in silver colors. The curved design becomes useful in pulling and pushing books together as you fill your shelf up. Oh, and you can stack your favorite records too! What could be more perfect?

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