Celebrate April Fool’s Day With Karma Kiss

Ah, April Fool’s! It’s that time of the year when doing pranks is not prohibited and everyone can be mischievous and get away with it. It’s the joker’s favorite day and there’s nothing like it throughout the year. Why, you may brewed your own great joke just for this season. There’s no time to waste; we’ve got to celebrate the First of April in the naughtiest, cleverest way possible!

However, if you’re one of those people who are still looking for plans on fooling loved ones around (in the light of good mischief, by the way), we’re sharing some of tips to help you carry out a joke to commemorate the year!

  1. Poke at the pitcher. Does your family love milk? Why not pour a white jell-o in a pitcher and freeze it overnight? Everyone will wonder why their dairy won’t go down!
  2. Buy them crazy gifts. Get inspired from Karma Kiss’ league of April Fool’s themed items, such as:
    • The Toe Toothbrush Holder, which is a funny thing appearing on your wall as if it’s a ghoul.
    • The Hand Tool Pens, which you can replace their toolbox with after pretending something in the house needed fixing!
    • Mess with the moss with The Grass Flocked Coin Bank, a really cool item you can place on the grass and have your kids get a little fright from the bug!
  3. Glue It. Paste a coin on the street or somewhere in your home. A banknote would be crazier! See how your kids would do everything to take it off!
  4. Colored Shower. Buy non-toxic colored pellets and stick them on the shower; your children would be surprised to see the water turning blue!
  5. Stick the scroller. Let your geek have a day-off from his computer by sticking double sided adhesive under his mouse. If he’s open to a bit more humor, switching up pieces in the keyboard of your computer can be a great prank too!
  6. Cereal Switch.Change the packs inside the cereal boxes and let your kids be surprised at their morning breakfast change!
  7. A Soap That’s NOT Soapy!Cover the bathroom soap with clear coated nail polish, and your family will be surprised why it won’t lather.
  8. This Sugar Tastes Salty. And it’s because you switched the two contents!
  9. Pee Emergency.Stretch up a plastic wrapper over the toilet; this could get nasty, but the response is phenomenal!
  10. Buggy Brunch.Insert a plastic cockroach on your kids’ snack wrappers; you could let him know. Enjoy your tandem of pranking his classmates with this classic bug parody!

There are so many ways you can pull a prank on a person, but remember to do it lightheartedly without the meanest intentions. April 1st is a day of fun and puns, let’s all be a good sport and be ready for the craziest jokes about to land on our laps!

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