Product Spotlight: Get Real Solid Beechwood Coffee Scoop & Clip

We all like double-duty things. For one, it saves us a few bucks for buying another item a particular product can cleverly perform. Two, it saves us from the hours of finding two different equipments because this one solves all our needs. It’s really nice to hit two birds with one stone, as an adage goes. Lucky for you, Karma Kiss has gathered all the strange and unique items that works two ways or more even, depending on your creativity. This one is no exception.

The Get Real Solid Beechwood Coffee Scoop & Clip is a lovely kitchen helper that will help you ease on your coffee and condiments, and works best to seal them crisp and safe after opening. The beechwood material is honed with various images that makes it decorative as well as functional. And because Karma Kiss likes it eco-friendly, we have made sure that this product is created from soemthing that will be good to human and earth. The beechwood is taken from a responsibly managed forest, so you wouldn’t be afraid of the cut-down logs that will never be replaced.

You can be sure that this lovely scooper and clipper won’t impart odor, flavor and even color to the food you mix it in. Just sheer functionality. Just the way you like it!

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