Brand Spotlight: Surya

Landing fresh on the Karma Kiss’ Spring 2014 shore is Surya, a vertically-integrated manufacturer of home accessories. It has been around for more than 35 years, with its brand associated with luxury products created with high quality craftsmanship and innovation.

Where it all began

When the Federated Group, now known as Macy’s, went to visit India to discover handmade products for its stores, Surya Tiwari made a bold approach at the prospect. The Indian teacher in the village of Ugapur has become a businessman, helping his countrymen creating lavish, decorative products for the home that can be sold all over the US. Surya managed to start with a small launch, but his products captured the eyes of many retailers abroad that he gained more patrons. The Surya brand was created in 1976 and has now expanded into a full-blown brand that offers supplies to many popular retailers such as Karma Kiss with their beautifully woven products.

Why we love Surya

Looking at the classic designs of colors and patterns on Surya’s decorative pillows just left us enchanted. These items are simple but elegant; timeless pieces that can accentuate a home no matter how you restyle them. It’s a perfect addition to your set of creative decors and give your couch a little makeover. With a little addition to the design company, there’s no doubt your home will be perked up by a a Surya product!

See the Surya Collection here >>

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