Got A Blog? Be A Karma Kiss Affiliate!

Blogging is fun, and we can’t deny this fact. For some, it’s a pleasurable past time wherein they could write all their thoughts and allow the whole world to see what inside their mind. For others, it’s a great way to gain revenue by promoting products and reviewing them to guide consumers about choosing the right items to purchase. Well, what if you can do both? What if you can blog everything you want to write about, and still gain revenue on the side?

Well, Karma Kiss is giving you that opportunity by opening its very own Affiliates Program; it’s been up there for quite a time and it’s no secret, but just in case you have forgotten it or didn’t really know, I’m letting you in the gossip. That’s right; publishers with their blogs can partner with us and  gain free products to review and commissions from every revenue garnered from their links.

Ain’t that just wonderful?

So if you’ve got a blog, I think you might want to add the pretty Karma Kiss button by your sidebar, or put a little ad beneath your posts. Other than decorative, you’ll be earning your way to some extra dollars!

Why join in the ring? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Karma Kiss products are AWESOME (hah, many can attest to that!), affordable and convert very well. Our customers are looking for unique gifts and we carry hundreds of special gifts for any occasion.
  • We offer a highly competitive commission rate starting at 10%.
  • Our average order is $46.5.
  • Karma Kiss products are more than noteworthy; we’ve got our items featured in many Hollywood films (e.g. Down To You, Little Miss Sunshine, Twilight) and in many magazines too! Real Simple, Rachael Ray, Family Fun, O Magazine are just a few!

We’re more than excited to give you the details, s please head on to this link and know more about our Affiliate Program!

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