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Preparing For Spring: Tips For Enjoying The New Season!

Spring is here! In a few more days, we’ll be feeling the warm kiss of the sun. The sight of the white, frosty winter will soon disappear into puddles of water which children can enjoy splashing at. There’s no need to wear six layers of clothing, and to hide inside the home to keep our toes toasted. No more of the chilly breaths and red, flaky cheeks. We’re saying goodbye to the year’s first season and to welcome a new season that allows us to run, play and enjoy the outdoors without the fear of getting washed up by the snow.

Everybody loves spring, except for the occasional allergens which makes us huff and sniffle all over. But aside from that, it’s nice to see the green grass growing and the colorful flowers blooming. Why, this snow season has been terribly long and cold, it’ll be a joy to see the sunlight after a long time!

As Spring arrives, there’s a lot of amazing things you can do, like:

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning. With all that ice and water melting away, it’s time to give your home a major overhaul. Why not add a few spring-themed furniture and decor, like our Woodland Twilights LED Nightlight or our Toadstool Table & Stools Set?

Bike around. Hooray! It’s time to inhale some fresh air downtown as you pedal with your two wheels. We do have to wait a bit until the streets aren’t slippery.


Pick some flowers. In this season, you can see all your favorite blooms flourishing with the bright green hues of the grass and trees. Pick up some and give it to a loved one–just make sure you’re not doing it in a prohibited area!

Eat outdoors. You and your family have been stuck inside your home for many months, and it’s time to enjoy eating outside. Whip up some nice vegetable pasta like Primavera and have a picnic at the yard or on a nearby park.


Visit a museum. Is there an art exhibit going on in your area? That’s a nice catch! Take your kids with you in your art appreciation day. This is a nice thing to enrich their little minds, however, you can enjoy a relaxing stroll by yourself too!

Play sports. Now’s the time to enjoy running and sweating with your favorite sports. Walk the dog out and play with it, featuring your favorite fetch game! Or you can watch a baseball or soccer game, whichever your kid likes.

Or you can win a raffle, like the one currently going on here on Karma Kiss.

First Day of Spring starts today. Celebrate Spring time, and the rest of this year’s season with Karma Kiss!

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