Product Spotlight: Retro Cookie Cutter – The Perfect Kids

As parents, you may have imagined what your kids are going to be when they grow up. For those who have girls, we want them to be forever darlings; little angels who will always have a happy disposition and are loved by everyone. We wish them to grow up as pretty as the dolls they play with, with hearts as light and hands ready to embrace us. For little men, we’d like them to be diligent, disciplined young lads, brave and courageous, smart and sincere. As much as possible, we’d like to endow them with the best skills and talents for them to grow up as the perfect sons and daughters we have always prayed for.

But, of course, that’s when they turn into their teens. Our young boys soon learns to throw a punch at his classmate and becomes the naughtiest, most mischievous kids in the community. And the young ladies turn out to be another squabbler, who would choose to have her nail polished than do the dishes she’s been assigned to earlier this morning. As parents, you may have sighed and wondered why your kids turned out to be different from what you’ve planned first–still wonderful, but less than perfect.

Well, you can now make, or more accurately, bake the most perfect cookie cutter kids, and they won’t throw tantrums at you. Rather, they’ll sit down and stay still until beckoned. Introducing, Karma Kiss’ Retro Cookie Cutters featuring the Cookie Cutter Kids. They’re going to be shaped and molded so perfectly you wouldn’t have to worry about having wayward crumbs on your desserts.

This stainless steel cutter can be used for your various cooking needs other than cookies. Use these for your crusts, mini cakes and more. This item comes with a set of two kids: a girl and a boy.

Bake with kids and remind them to be better, even not as cookie-cutter characters! It’s just the thing to enjoy a bonding time with your children.

Our Retro Cookie Cutters also comes with a Perfect Cat version for feline lovers.


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