Celebrating Women’s Day Here In Karma Kiss

We are all aware of those days when women were treated unequally with men. There were times when gender differences have its own pros and cons, but the new world is slowly dissipating that thought into a much fairer world for everyone to live and enjoy. If you’re a woman, Karma Kiss is celebrating your presence! You’ve got the right to dream and make those dreams come true; become a voice in the world and let your life be heard like a beautiful echo, no matter where you are and what you do.

In the spirit of this celebration, we hope you find ways to let the women in your life feel that they are appreciated. Wondering how? Start with these tips:

A nice “Thank You!” is a good way to start. Give your mom, sister, teacher, co-worker, boss and friend a note about how you appreciate them. Let them know you care. Let them see that you think they’re awesome and that they’re doing a great job.

Encourage a woman. Is your friend in drooping spirits? Give her a pat on the back and remind her who she is; a woman, and empower her with all the things she can do. She may be one of those creative types leaning into the arts. Or she may be a sporty, athletic girl whose passion is to earn her way into the major league. Or she might be a career woman who desires to get a promotion. Maybe she’s a housewife, a single mother or a girl who is excited to get through college. Let her know she’s amazing and she’s going to do wonderful things with her talents and skills.

Nothing says ‘You’re Appreciated’  more than a gift. We at Karma Kiss has TONS (literally) of amazing items for your female loved ones and you will always find something unique and wonderful inside our digital shelves. Looking for suggestions?

For mom: Huggie Therapy Creatures
For a friend: Seeds Necklaceand/or True Heart Charm
For the kitchen enthusiast: See this list!
For a brainy buddy: DIY IQ Test
For a fashionista: Tyvek Wallet

When all else fails, a Gift Card works best; let them buy the things they want with a Karma Kiss GC!

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