Color Inspirations: Deep Red Kiss

Hello everyone! Do you know what today is? Right. MONDAY. Either we love it or hate it, or something in the middle of the two. Mondays are the red signals our weekend holidays are over. It’s about time to get back to work. A fresh new beginning on your desk.

So why not start the whole new week with a little bit of inspiration from the color? The deep, delicious red will also remind us how enjoying summer should be: fruity, feisty, and full of fashion. Check out these deep red-kissed items we collected over Pinterest.

PS: I love the fifth picture!

Who loves some strawberry pops this summer?

Anything powdered with sugar dust looks tempting!

The sight of lush reds and pinks on a country. Absolutely lovely!

For the ladies, red shoes are always in!


A room full of reds.



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