4 Charming Bookends That Will Make Your Shelf More Interesting

If there’s anything that should be highlighted within your shelves, it has to be the books. Books are as interesting as the people who reads them; they contain stories, facts, figures and wisdom that we all need to inspire and inform us throughout our lives. Some of them are worthy to be re-read every once in a while, to bring back a feeling of nostalgia. Some books, on the other hand, are left on the most ignored part of the shelf simply because they are too complex for us to understand. We all have our favorite titles and authors, and reading helps the mind and the heart to grow. It’s no wonder that our shelves become fully stacked with different kinds of reads we purchase from the store.

Now, we don’t want to make our shelves look dull and lifeless, don’t we? Books can’t speak for themselves, especially when stacked together. What we can to make our shelves more interesting is to have a pair of “hands” to hold our beloved pieces together. An interesting bookend can definitely bring out a unique charm in your shelf, and here are some of our Karma Kiss favorites!

A to Z Bookends

Holding all your books from A-Z, this minimalist white bookends fits every shelving and setting. Crafted from durable MDF material with an epoxy coating glazed upon its white color, you can create a typographical flair with your simple, basic bookshelf according your liking.

Hand Bookends White

This pair of helpful hands can help you squeeze your favorite books into place without a fuss. The identical white pair offers a steady support for each end of your books, helping you organize your shelf in a quirky, practical manner.

By The Book Bookend – Romance

Are you a an old soul romanticist? Then check out this pair of silhouette lovers created to put your items into place. It’s a great decor to put your favorite romantic novels into place. The book ends are made from black laser-cut metals in matte, making it a great gift for couples.

Animal Bookend Brown Horse

Last but definitely not the least is this cute animal bookend in Horse design. This lovely item features a delightful three-dimensional horse made with natural cotton and iron filling. The faux-leather makes this steed a lovely decorative piece which you can use as a bookend, or as a stand alone item!

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