Color Inspirations: Overflowing Ombre

Hello everyone! It’s the first Monday of August, and summer is on a roll! As we head into the hotter, livelier dog days, we give you something to spark up your weekly creativity. This week, it’s all about the coolness (literally and visually speaking) of ombre. We’ve seen it in clothing, but did you know there are many ways to style up this amazing design? Check out these amazing pins we’ve found on Pinterest!

#1: Gradient Curtains

Bright colors running into a paler shade of white can totally define a room! I am loving this sea-weed colored curtains set against a classical white window backdrop and green colored walls. The way everything is put together is visually appealing. Now, can you think of other ombre hues which can liven up YOUR room?

#2: Super Sneakers

Okay, so you’re tired of your plain white KEDS. You’re itching to buy another pair of canvas sneakers, something more vibrant and colorful. Now hold off throwing your old pair away; there’s another method of bringing it back in circulation! You just need to re-dye it for its new do, with the ombre effect at that! Wipe your shoes with petroleum jelly after dipping it into a can of paint. Gradually “swipe” the paint away, like what you do with oil pastels, and see the beautiful result!

#3: Wonderful Walls

From bold to soft, or vice versa, ombre makes an amazing statement on your walls. This lovely lilac hue interior is inspired with a pleasingly pink monotone, perfect for the shabby chic! If you’re thinking of upgrading your walls, why not try a gradient design for a change?

#4: Charming Crafts

Knitters, ahoy! You can turn your plain, basic knits into crafts created with expertise. This charming thread work features a dual-toned combination, making it seem more luxurious. Weave wallets, purses and home decors with this ombre-inspiration!

#5: Dazzling DIY

Desiring for an ombre shirt? Why not make one on your own? This DIY ombre t-shirt guide will help you achieve that much-desired top without paying so much for it. All you need to have is a plain white tee (you can use your old one for this) and two dye colors. The end result is amazing! It’s perfect to wear for an outing this summer.

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