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Cool Accessories Make Fun Mealtimes!

  • 2 min read

There’s something special about taking the time to sit down to a meal together with friends and family. In the over-scheduled world we tend to live in, those moments are priceless. Of course, that doesn’t mean dinnertime is magically fun–sometimes it needs a little help, whether it’s for the kids in your life, the adults, or those who seem to be caught in-between!

Make Mealtimes a Lot More Fun for Everyone

Patricia Panda Party PlateWild Side Make a statement about your wild side with Wild Dining Party Animal Party Plates. You’re bound to get a good chuckle from the dolled up Baby Seal, Baby Deer, and Patricia Panda photos on these fun party plates.

Rocket…ForkIt might not be the first thing you think of when you think of utensils, but the Petits Et Maman Rocket Spoon & Fork set might be the perfect addition for the little ones–or not so little ones–in your life. The complete Petits Et Maman dining collection is simple, beautifully crafted, and fun for all ages!

Cat Paw Pizza Cutter Okay, definitely not the first thing you think of when you hear “pizza cutter,” but the Cat Paw Pizza Cutter (and all of the Cat Paw utensils!) won’t fail to bring a smile to your face. The pizza probably helps too, of course, but how much better to have a super cheesy, still-warm pizza cut and served with a smile?Freaker Bottle Cover - Love Glove

Bottle Covers / Beer Koozies Just because you’re having a cold one with dinner doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with it, too. These crocheted Freaker Bottle Covers & Beer Koozies come in a variety of colors and designs so you can pick just the right one for each person. Whether you’re having a meal around a table with some friends or just hanging out on the porch around a fire with a beer, it’s sure to hit the spot.

Daily Grind Pepper Grinder Having a real grind of a day? Who isn’t? You can commiserate with these hard workers as you season your food with the Daily Grind Pepper Grinder, featuring a block shape and artwork depicting a stressful day in a restaurant.

Dinner Winner Pirate PlateDinner  Winner Hero Plate For that kiddo in your life who likes to play with their food a little more than they like to eat it, the Dinner Winner Collection of kids’ plates is perfect. With a huge selection of designs like this Pirate plate or the Hero plate above, you’ll find one that suits your picky eater and encourages them to have fun with their food in a way that won’t make you want to hide under the table.

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