These Halloween 2016 Flicks Are Seriously Sinister!

It’s that time of year again — That time to dress up (or down), buy heaps of candy, popcorn and get the house ready for some creepy flicks that will give you goosebumps or worse…Make you sleep with the lights on for weeks! We’re talking the scariest movies of the year! We’ve curated a list of the most sinister of films to scare yourselves with for the evening of Halloween.

  1. Ouija: Yea, totally not what you used to think of as a fun little, harmless board game. Friendly spirits drop in when you ask them to, or so that’s what you and your friends think those little flickers of light are when you ask for a sign. Well, this flick is quite the opposite! It’s about a psychic who can talk to the dead through the board – Harmless. What’s not harmless is the lingering spirit that possesses her young daughter. Yikes!
  2. The Girl on the Train: One of our favorite actresses, Emily Blunt stars in this film where after she suffers an unwanted divorce, she finds herself somewhat eyeing a couple that she sees every time the train passes by the couples’ home — Then one day…something strange happens with the couple and somehow Blunt gets involved.
  3. 31: Seriously twisted. Imagine the movie, “Saw” on steroids. Hollywood really knows how to scare the pants off of people these days! Something about painted maniacs playing torturous games in an industrial hell…Yea, we’re good! No, thank you!
  4. Inferno: Ah, Tom Hanks is back for the third movie in the “Da Vinci Code” series. Our favorite male actor is back and in even more drama than before – Wakes up in an Italian hospital and trying to basically save the world from suffering a devastating plague that the antagonist is trying to release!
  5. Fear, Inc.: Again, another flick that is seriously twisted in that the actors in this movie think that they know what real fear and pain is while they’re playing games until…They don’t know where the lines get crossed and they end up with sad and creepy fates.

Our skin is already creepy-crawling! Do you have the guts to sit through one of these films?

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