Crazy for Ceramics

Ceramics is literally derived from the Greek word “Keramos,” which means clay. The manufacturing of these items can be imagined as something which can be molded by hands and then fired to a kiln. With a smooth, glossy texture and the fragility similar to a glass, ceramic items are something one should handle with care and love. It is created with well-worn thoughts, mounded and molded to its beautiful shape, and are finished with a touch of classic elegance which art can be traced centuries back.

While ceramics have originally been created as vessels to carry various items, modern ceramicists have changed the way it should function. It has branched out to more than vases and pitchers, into functional kitchen knives, lovely decors and funky items you can actually place and use in your desktop!

Karma Kiss lists down a few of its favorite ceramic items, which you can find in our store!

Don’t Break the Bank! Or the Ball. Here’s the perfect gifty item for that young lad who loves being sporty but is also in need of earning some good cash. This Ceramic Basketball Money Bank is just the thing to keep coins in a secure place. Funny how it looks realistic atop a bookcase! Just make sure you don’t dribble it or else.

Want something droll? This ceramic camel loves asking One Lump or Two? It probably contains even more, because this ceramic container can carry all your sugar lumps for your sudden fixes. It’s a nice accessory you and your guest could start a conversation with.

If you want a ceramic accessory that’s attention-demanding, then the Extra Large Tiki Mug is something you cannot ignore. It’s big enough to hold a gigantic ounce of your favorite drink, and glares at you with a Tiki statue style that creates an authentic feel of an exotic journey. You can use this as your daily mug or just display it on the shelf, either way, you’re sure to be delighted at the sight of this mumbo jumbo mug!

Here’s another item that’s perfect for display. The Gnome Ambient Lamp is a nice addition to your cast of garden heroes, creating a whimsical appeal to your patio with an amber glow. You can also use this as a nightlight in your child’s bedroom, and this is going to be a nice companion in their dream-filled sleep.

Want to see more of our charming ceramic items? Visit our store now!



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