Summer Fashion: Dress Like a Star

Looking through fashion magazines and at celebrities and wanting to pull of their looks is normal--of course, trying to mimic it can be hard, especially with those price tags. The key is to pick up on the themes and influences and look for them in your own taste and price range.

Here's a take on popular summer trends, how the stars of the CMT Music Awards this week embodied some of those looks, and how to get them for yourself!

Shop for Jewelry Now!Khaki & Utilitarian

For years, khaki has been mostly wrapped up in cargo shorts and boys' dress pants, but it's making a big turn around. We first spotted it in the spring fashions, and it's only building fire over summer. 

Khaki is making the transition from pants into dresses, skirts, and tops as well, and when paired with cool accessories, can really be as dressed up or as dressed down as you want.

Brandi Cyrus displayed her own khaki-inspired style this week on the red carpet:

Brandi Cyrus on the Red Carpet at the CMT Music Awards Getty Images

The takeaway from her outfit is to see how utilitarian fashion can become a new thing altogether. She turns the look edgy but feminine by pairing a cargo-inspired skirt with the metallic top and simple heels.

How to Get The Look: You can copy this look and make it more everyday appropriate by grabbing an army green or khaki skirt, a black sequinned or metallic top, and strappy black heels

Show Off Your Shoulders

You know what the best part of any body is? Probably the shoulders. Whatever your body type, showing a little shoulder is often a super flattering look, and it's been hitting the runways hard, both in single-strap styles and more off-the-shoulder type displays.

Daytime divas Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford showed just how to pull off the look on the red carpet:

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb at the CMT Music Awards Getty Images

How to Get the Look: How you decide to flash your shoulders will depend on your personal style, but if you want to get the kind of look Hoda and Kathie Lee were sporting, you'll want to look for flowy materials in bright colors. Their one-piece suits are stunning, but you can pull off a more everyday relaxed look inspired by their outfits by pairing a loose, shoulder-baring top with an a-line or pencil skirt. 

Sheer Fabrics & Cut-Outs

Another popular look hitting the runways this summer is sheer dresses with cut-outs or lace. If you find the right cut and the right design, these dresses can really serve a dual purpose of looking fabulous while drawing attention to areas you prefer and away from areas you would rather hide.

Black seems to be the color of choice, and it's no wonder, as it manages to convey elegance with an edge, something Nicole Kidman made apparent at the CMT Music Awards this week:

Nicole Kidman at the CMT Music Awards Getty Images

How to Get the Look: There's a feeling that this style will be around for a while, so if you haven't spotted it on shelves already, you will soon enough. Keep your eyes open for dresses where the sheer aspect hits your most flattering parts while covering what you want to cover: sheer shoulders, collar bones, and legs are almost always winners.

Celebrities have a big budget and the styling team to go with it, but that doesn't mean we can't take inspiration from their looks and turn them into something incredible for ourselves. Watch out, friends--who's the celebrity now?

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