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Gift Guide for Gardeners

  • 3 min read

Gift Guide for Gardeners

It's not just cool alliteration (although it is that for sure), a gift guide for gardeners also equips you to show your favorite green thumb you're thinking about them. Especially if you're not a particularly good gardener yourself, you definitely appreciate those who seem to have the magic touch for growing just about anything.

For those people in your life, here are a few gifts to consider:

Woodland Tree Table

Woodland Tree Table

If you've ever sat in the middle of a garden in the evening and listened to the crickets chirping while you sipped a drink, you know how magical a moment like that can be. Why settle for the boring when you can have your own fairy-inspired table at your side?

Perfect for moments of relaxation, the Woodland Tree Table is made of strong stone and resin, but looks like real wood, making it the perfect addition to a garden nook.

Great for Kids Too!

Toadstool ChairDoes your favorite gardener have a kid or grandkid hanging out in their garden? The Woodland Tree Table is great for that, too, especially paired with a couple of Toadstool Chairs.

Kids make great garden companions--teach them early how to plant veggies and herbs and show them how food goes from the garden to the table, and they'll likely be fans of gardening and fresh food for life. Making a special place in the garden just for them where they feel welcome and comfortable takes that a step further. They'll never want to leave!

Adorable Solar Lights

Adorable Animal Solar Lights

Lighting matters in a garden. Generally when you think of gardening, you think of sunshiny mornings in the grass, planting and weeding, but there's also those moments meant for enjoying the effort, and that happens a lot at dusk and in the evening.

Dazzle Solar Light HummingbirdHere's the thing: no one wants to trip up or down a stair or fall over a stepping stone, right? But no one wants their garden to be flooded with light, either--it's a balance between soft, beautiful lighting and being able to see.

Plus there's something to be said for keeping it cute, and these Animal Solar Lights do the job. During the day, they're adorable decor, keeping an eye on the garden while they collect solar light. 

Then, at night, they light up, illuminating any place to which you want to draw attention (which, thankfully, can include the safe places to walk!). 

Fun Vases and Pots

Cactus Vase

When you're an avid gardener, sharing your garden stands out as one of the best parts, and one way to do that is by bringing the outside flowers indoors to show off around your house.

Of course, having a cool vase to put them in helps, and it's a lot of fun to build a centerpiece or a display around a vase or a series of vases.

For instance, with the Cactus Vase, there are 3 places to display flowers, making it easy to create a unique arrangement. 

To try:

  • Take a small tray and sprinkle some craft sand on it.
  • Arrange your favorite yellow blooms or white roses in the Cactus Vase and place in the center of the tray.
  • Around the base of the vase on the tray, fill small votives with water and float a single bloom (stems and leaves are fine--the flowers will live longer and look more natural) in each one. 

Blooming Bud VaseIt makes a quick easy centerpiece that any gardener would be proud to show off, and this tray + large vase + small vase/candle combination can be used with a variety of vases and flowers, making it a versatile, reusable option.

Gardeners put a lot of work into their spaces, and they deserve to enjoy the beautiful results of their work in a bunch of different ways. One of these gifts is sure to make an impression on your favorite garden-lover!