Celebrate Earth Day with the Best Green Gifts

Earth Day is this week, and if you're already looking for the best ways to maximize the way you give back, then it's just an extra reminder of the importance of paying attention to the world around us.

This kind of attention includes the things we buy--even the little things. That's why we've picked some of our favorite eco-friendly gifts for you to check out this week!

Earth Day Gifts

Pillows That Hit the Mark

The Alexandra Ferguson pillows are a favorite for a few reasons: first, they look nice. Second, they're super cool. Third, they're made of recycled materials. No, really--home decor that sets itself apart and is as green as they come? Well all right, then; these pillows hit a home run every time. 

In fact, all of the Alexandra Ferguson products include recycled materials and come in a variety of colors and designs in bags and pillows. Fashionable and conscientious, that's a win win.

Cross Stitch That's Naughty and Nice

Naughty Cross Stitch Flamingo HeartsNaughty Counted Cross-Stitch Kits come in a few bold and provocative designs that will definitely get some attention. The kits come with everything you need to create the finished product yourself, and they're straightforward and fun. 

Not only are they funny and surprising, but they also are packaged in 100% recycled materials that is also completely recyclable. So go ahead, grab yourself a fun project that you'll love showing off (to the right people!).

Dinnerware That's Set Apart

Petits et Maman Rocket PlateWhen you want to set a table that will bring a smile to everyone's face, Petits Et Maman doesn't disappoint. Whether you go for super cute robots and rocket ships or a fun variety of animals, these natural pine dinner pieces are a cut above.

You can collect a full set of pine plates and utensils, as well as unique ceramic cups that are sure to delight any kid--and probably any adult as well!

This Earth Day, celebrate by remember the little things and all the beautiful things the Earth gives us every day!



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