The Best New Gifts from Karma Kiss!

New flowers, new experiences, new loves--Spring is full of things that are fresh, and most exciting for us, new gifts to share!

Check out some of our favorite new gifts and find a favorite for yourself!

New Gifts from Karma Kiss

Child in Camping ThrowWhether you're headed out to the campground or enjoying a cozy weekend in your own home, one of these incredible Camping Throws will be a hit. Choose your favorite design and enjoy some super soft super comfort!

If you end up "camping" in, a Starry Sky LED Room Light can make a normal room feel like magic under the stars. Choose from 4 different colors to get exactly the feeling you want!

Hanging out in the dark is fun already, but throw a Glow In The Dark Poster on the wall and it becomes that much more exciting. Whether you choose the Leopard, Bunny, or Grizzly Bear, it'll be a night time companion for a long time to come.

Magnetic LED FlashlightWhat's better than hanging out in the dark with a comfy blanket, starry sky, and glow-in-the-dark wall art? Doing all of that with a cool flashlight (and a good ghost story, of course!). A Pop-Off Magnetic LED Flashlight works for any in-the-dark situation and is small enough to carry with you. Use it on your camping trip or just to see to unlock the door when you get home!

Have you ever been on a trip with someone grumpy? Well, give all your grumpiness to grumpy cat! An awesome Grumpy Cat Cushion is undeniably adorable--heck, we'll even let him be grumpy. 

It doesn't matter whether you go out or stay in, whether you camp in a tent or in a cabin--what matters is enjoying your time. Hopefully these awesome new items will help bring a smile!


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