Celebrate Nature & Have Fun!

Earth Day may have passed, but there's plenty of opportunity to keep celebrating and to make the most of the coming spring and summer months. Now's the time to get outdoors, get into nature, and remember all the awesome things to enjoy on our little third rock from the sun!

1. Take a Bike Ride

You may ride a bike every day for transportation or fitness, but this one should be more about appreciating what's out there. Plan a relaxing, scenic bike ride for you and your family--not only are you supporting gas-burning alternatives, you'll really get to spend some time in the fresh air with the people you like most.

If you're up for it, find a bike trail near you or pack a picnic to carry with you. There's something to be said about the way a beautiful landscape, a great meal, and cool people can lift your spirits.

2. Plant Something--Anything, Really

Garden Decor

It feels good to see something you've planted growing, and it's especially rewarding if it's fresh veggies or herbs. The smell of fresh herbs alone is enough to make this activity a worthwhile one.

If you don't feel like creating a full garden, consider making a window box or indoor herb garden in a large pot. Get creative with your choices: tomatoes and cucumbers are common garden veggies, but green onions are fairly easy to grow, as well. When it comes to herbs, pretty much anything goes, but chive and parsley are a couple of super easy ones that lend themselves to just about anything you cook.

Solar Lamps

Feeling extra energetic? Plant a small tree in your yard or a flower garden outside your window. If you have kids, get them involved--not only are you teaching them about the earth and gardening, but you're also helping them get invested in the process, something that will last for years to come. 

3. Volunteer or Attend a Spring Event

At communities all over the country, spring and summer events will be popping up: backyard barbecues, kids' days, festivals, community clean-ups, and so much more. Look in your area for an event that suits you and get involved.

If it's an event that needs volunteers, consider lending a hand; if not, jump in and enjoy being a participant. Recruit your friends and family to spend that time with you, as well!

Nature Quote Albert Einstein

4. Go Paperless

Okay, this is less of an entertaining thing to do and more of a hey-now's-a-good-time kind of thing. If you happen to be busy, this is something you can do in just a few minutes that you can feel really good about.

Most business offer paperless billing these days, but they require signing up for it. Take a few minutes at your desk to go to their sites and sign up for paperless. You'll save them time, yourself from the clutter of mail, and reduce an awful lot of paper production in the process.

5. Do Some Reading

Is it too rainy to spend time outside or is work keeping you chained down? Take some time during the day to read about the parks and communities around you, the seasons, climate change, endangered species, or natural wonders. 

Take what you learn and share it with the people around you, as well. A little Today-I-Learned at the dinner table will have you competing for top honors.

Learning about the world and spending time in it and with it and with the people you care about most--that's really what life is all about, after all, isn't it? 

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