Shop Now for Mother's Day Gifts!

Mother's Day is quickly approaching, and whether you're looking for gifts for your own mother, your spouse, or your best friend, the time to get shopping is riiiiight about now!

Mother's Day Gifts

There's nothing wrong with the classic bouquet of flowers or Sunday brunch, but it does feel a little overdone. This year, why not surprise the mother in your life with something a little different?

The Best Bags

Alchemy Goods Wedgwood PurseFor instance, who isn't going to love a classy new purse or vintage zipper pouch? The Alchemy Goods Wedgwood Handbag and Purse is going to be the instant favorite of anyone who receives it. I mean, look at it--sleek, classic-but-modern, and comfortable to carry around, too. Since most moms I know carry the world in their handbag, that really matters!

If the mom in your life is into vintage designs, the Boss Lady Zipper Pouch is the right addition to her purse. Whether it's full of make-up, tissues, credit cards, gum--you name it, it will hold tightly and look fashionable, to boot.

Delightful Dinnerware

Looking for something more colorful and functional? The Set of 6 Agate Ceramic Serving Plates are high on the list. Brightly colored with natural patterning, any table your favorite mom sets is going to draw the right kind of attention. 

Going camping or just love the look? Another great set for Mom is the Complete Camping Melamine 12 Piece Set. It's got such an awesome vintage pop-art feel and enough pieces to set the dinner or picnic table for anything you might need.

Notable Necklaces

Shine Bright Diamond NecklaceJewelry may be a classic Mother's Day gift, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring, right? The Shine Bright Diamond 14k Gold Dipped Necklace is a reminder to any mother that they are a light in your life (and if you tell that to her when you give her one, you're sure to get extra mom points!).

Not to be outdone, the Kaleidoscope Tagua Necklace brings chunky, natural allure to any outfit, and it's hard not to love the bright colors and versatile nature of the piece. Sure to be a hit with the stylish mom in your life.

This is one holiday that won't sneak up on you this time; you're ready to go with these Mother's Day gifts and the many more to shop for at Karma Kiss. 


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