Easter is just a Hop or Two Away

Easter is fast approaching and what better way to mark the occasion than with assistance of Karma Kiss. Indeed, Easter is a festive time, both in spiritual and cultural aspects. For certain, it is a chance for families to come together. As such, Easter is the perfect time to showcase one’s appreciation for the love that is inherent in family bonds and in the spirit of the celebration.

A great gift idea that fits well with the occasion is that of the Easter Basket. This gift of goodies works well with recipients of all ages and Karma Kiss has a wide range of products that are perfectly suited to fill out your own special basket. Take a moment or two to see what is available and you are sure to agree that when it comes to fun and exciting gift options, there is no comparison or peer to Karma Kiss.

Brighten Up the Basket

Glow In The Dark Jelly Pals
An Easter basket should be a fun affair, especially for young ones. Nothing says fun more than Glow in the Dark Jelly Pals. These adorable toys are designed in the shape of exaggerated animals. They are squeezable and endurable, so there are innumerable playtime hours with each to toy. And they glow in the dark.

Kids will love this feature as they can turn of the lights in their room and take their play with these toys to a new level. The Jelly Pals are compact too, so they can be taken just about anywhere, providing a child with convenient distraction when traveling with parents.

Wonderfully Cuddle-able Bear

Spa and Herbal Therapy Huggie Bear
Another great option for an Easter basket is the Spa and Herbal Therapy Huggie Bear. In one sense, this item is exactly what it seems – an adorable stuffed bear. The value of a stuff animal cannot be under-appreciated, as they provide great companions when given in love. This particular stuffed bear, however, is special.

Instead of cotton or similar material, this bear is stuffed with scented buckwheat and lavender. If you place this bear in the microwave for a few seconds, the scented aromas will radiate outwards, providing a setting that therapeutic and enticing. This is a gift basket option that is appropriate for all ages and one that will definitely be appreciated and valued.

Share a Heart of Gold

"True Heart" Greeting Card, Necklace, & Charm
Speaking of appreciation, if your basket is intended for a lady, then you cannot go wrong with adding a bit of jewelry into the mix. The “True Heart” Greeting Card, Necklace and Charm; is an excellent choice in this regards.

Featuring a 14k gold plated charm shaped in the form of a heart, you are certain to convey heartfelt sentiments of love with this item. This is a gift that a loved one will cherish and wear with appreciation. This item also comes with an inspirational card that further invokes feelings of love. This is a gift option that simply will not disappoint and is sure to memorable.

Stowaway Bunny

Grass Flocked Coin Bank - Rabbit
Or, how about something that is appropriate for the occasion and unique? Such is the case with the Grass Flocked Coin Bank – Rabbit. This is not your ordinary coin bank. Who needs a tradition coin bank shaped like a pig when you can have an adorable rabbit instead?

What makes this bank really special is the terracotta coating that covers this bank. With its grassy green appearance, you have a coin bank that provides a natural ambiance to any setting it is in. With its decorative value, you can easily utilize this item as a showcase piece. And of course, it’s a coin bank, so it makes a handy receptacle for your coins.

Get Uniquely Gifty at Karma Kiss

Karma Kiss has such an eclectic range of gifting options that it is not difficult to find exactly the right items to round out the perfect Easter basket. With something for everyone, you can show your love and appreciation to loved ones with gifts that resonate personally.

Karma Kiss is well positioned to provide you with the products that are guaranteed to enhance your celebratory occasion beyond expectations. Indeed, with the offerings at Karma Kiss, you are sure to create truly unique Easter baskets. Make this Easter a memorable event that will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Thanks to Petr Kratochvil for sharing Traditional Easter Eggs.

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