Flip or Flop? Hitting the Summer with Flip Flops

The sun is out, shining down on every corner with its warm rays and melts the cold chill of winter memories. At this moment, everyone finds time to escape work and school and bask under the bright and colorful weather. It’s finally summer!

Stripping away from bulky uniforms, heavy jackets and clunky footwear, it’s usual to see everyone in the community walking away in their vivid summer themed attire. Bright and colorful tops, mixed together with something floral or vividly patterned bottoms, and of course, the flip flops. Who would forget these summer staple footwear? Everyone loves to walk with their feet free as they stride through the street or the sand of the beach!

To eternally remind you of summer, Karma Kiss brings you a set of pretty coasters with the fresh and colorful theme of this sunny season. These Flip Flop Coasters are made from absorbent stone, featuring illustrations from the artist Debbie Taylor Kerman. The brightly striped backgrounds adds more fun and color with the flip flop graphics.

There are 4 unique designs in every box, which is a perfect present for those who wants to enjoy the feeling of walking under the sun with these fun footwear. Of course, we know you can’t walk on coasters, but we know you’ll be able to enjoy the vibrant and lively colors of summer with this sweet coaster collection.

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