Product Spotlight: Cuckoo Kitchen Timer

Does your timer go cuckoo? This nifty little product is literally cuckoo, but in a good way. A timer is a simple tool an ingenuous and creative housewife needs.  Ordinarily, a housewife stays in the kitchen most of the time to prepare at least three meals a day for her family. To do this, she must make the most of her valuable time and energy to keep track of her kitchen activities. Not only should she mind her cooking but also her movements in the kitchen and nearby areas of work in her house.

For this reason, we offer a beautiful kitchen timer that does not only count minutes but also provide an attractive accessory to the kitchen.  Our timer comes in cuckoo design in bright colors of purple and orange.  Purple is the color of womanhood and orange is the prominent color of food.  This color combination best depict the elements of kitchen; the woman, as the wife and mother, and the food, which the workmanship of her time and efforts.

A smart mother prepares her meal intently and carefully.  As her chore requires her focus in her cooking plans, she needs to always be reminded of the time in order to attend to her other chores, when her time allows.  She can leave her stove to wash the dishes and still be on time with her cooking using our cuckoo kitchen timer which will be faithful to remind her of what she is doing.

Our cuckoo kitchen timer has up to 60 minutes of tracking and can be conveniently set to keep you abreast of your precious time.  It has also the lovely design of a cuckoo bird that can be used as a decorative attraction that enhances the mood and color of the kitchen.

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